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Study Abroad in the South Pacific
AUIP Study Abroad Programs
Study Abroad in the South Pacific
AUIP Study Abroad Programs
AUIP Study Abroad Programs

Health and Safety Information

The health and safety of all students studying abroad with us is of the utmost concern. The following steps are followed to ensure the health and safety of your son or daughter


For over 30 years, we have been providing programs that combine rigorous academic study with opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom. We are academics who understand American students' needs, from transferring credit to living in another country. Our staff members have years of experience working with college students and designing international programs that cater to the personal interests, daily needs, and academic goals of our participants.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Each student is required to complete a pre-departure orientation prior to departing the U.S. To watch the pre-departure orientation, please proceed to the Students: Before Departure section.

Note: you will need to enter a username and password to watch the orientation. Please email and ask for these details.

In-Country Orientation

At the beginning of the program, all students must participate in an onsite in-country orientation. Information covered during the in-country orientation includes:

  • Expectations
  • Emergency contacts
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Travel safety tips
  • Travel health tips
  • Local information

Program Handbook

Each student is provided with a Program Handbook. This handbook gives your son or daughter all the information they need to successfully and safely complete their study abroad experience. Information contained within includes:

  • Pre-departure checklist
  • What to expect
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Important health and safety information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Entry requirements (such as visas)
All participants (students, faculty and staff) must familiarize themselves with this handbook before departing the U.S. To download a copy of the handbook, please proceed to the Students: Before Departure section.

Emergency Action Plan

We have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place for each of our study abroad programs. The EAP is described in the Program Handbook as well as during the in-country orientation. The EAP is refined for each program on an annual basis.

24-Hr Support

An operative in New Zealand, Donna Thom, provides twenty-four hour support throughout the course of the program. Donna is available to provide assistance in-case of any emergency. She can be reached at:

Tel: 011.64.377.4644

Note: '64' is the New Zealand dialing code, '011' is the code used to make an international call from the U.S.

This information is also included within your daughter or son's Course Reading Packet and is listed on the Emergency Information Card handed out during the in-country orientation.

Staying Found

At the start of the program all students receive an Emergency Information Card containing information on who to contact. This card is made wallet-sized so that students can keep the card with them at all times and throughout the duration of the program. For a full list of emergency contact information, please proceed to the Parents: Contact Information section.

Students are reminded to stay in touch with their faculty leader and inform them of any travel plans. We also urge students to keep in contact with their home university study abroad advisor, their friends and their families on a regular basis to minimize worry and concern for their safety.

Government Travel Advisories

We monitor world news, including State Department Travel Advisories, on a regular basis and will inform our students, their families, and our advisor partners accordingly. We will not send students or allow students to remain on programs where we have been advised through U.S. Department of State travel warnings that their health and safety is in jeopardy.

All students are required to review the U.S. Department of State Consular Information Sheets for the country or countries they are due to visit. Consular information sheets contain entry/exit requirements, health and safety information, important political announcements, threat of terrorism, and any travel warnings of which you should be aware. Please click on the link(s) below for the country or countries your daughter or son are due to visit:

New Zealand

All students are also required to register with the U.S. State Department of State at:

AUIP Study Abroad Programs
AUIP Study Abroad Programs


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AUIP Study Abroad Programs
AUIP Study Abroad Programs